Embarking on the journey of turning dreams into reality, our story unfolds in the walls of ‘Our Dream Home’.

“In my Dream Home with my Dream Boy”
‘Chatra Chaya’ – Our inaugural luxury residence together. Many more to come, my love Vipul Mishra.
Three years ago, when I first encountered the man of my dreams, we delved into our future plans and vision. Acquiring our dream house topped our priority list, especially in Gurugram. Despite our youth, we never fathomed accomplishing this within 2.5 years of marriage. Hence, we christened our home ‘Chatra Chaya,’ signifying GOD’S GRACE.

Here are some key considerations that proved invaluable in our journey:

1. Choose Your Partner Wisely

Despite having various options, including individuals with substantial financial means but lacking the mindset and progressive approach to life, I am grateful for taking the time to discern. I disregarded the so-called best matches proposed by relatives and friends, opting instead for the man I genuinely loved. I knew we were the perfect match. We believed that things would unfold in due time, and it was always an ‘US’ effort.

2. Believe

Have faith in your hard work and your partner’s efforts. Engage in meaningful conversations about your aspirations and work together to achieve your goals.

3. Smart Saver and Smar Buyer

While savings are crucial, being a mindful buyer is equally important. Keep a close eye on expenses. Evaluate whether you genuinely need certain items or if they are merely trendy purchases with little value. Be practical and logical in every expenditure.

4. More income sources for sure To Plan Your Dream Home

Side hustles are the best! This will create extra money for you. Try to think about side hustles which you can do with with your job.

always remember the saying –

9 to 5 Job is for living but 5 to 9 is for building your Empire and to complete your Dreams.

5. Pure Intentions

In a world where everything is business, please make sure your heart is in the right place. Some things really need strong emotions and clear manifestations. Love is the ultimate thing that matters. We aren’t here forever. These materialistic possessions and luxuries are important till the time we are here to enjoy them, see them, but LOVE is The Ultimate Start and The End!